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How we help estate agents

Your Home can help you stand out from the crowd and reach a larger audience by allowing you to convert pre-owned freehold properties in to shared ownership homes. 

Our ‘part buy – part rent’ model helps estate agents sell more properties, quicker, by lowering the price homes are marketed at through advertising a share price, and by removing the need for a mortgage. 

The Your Home team are here to help you. A team of accomplished property experts who share your goal of helping people own a home they truly love.

Benefits of Your Home for estate agents

  • Your Home allows you to market to new target customer segments. 
  • You can dual advertise your homes for sale as either purchasing via the ‘normal’ route, or via Your Home as part buy – part rent (50% share) home.
  • We can help you to sell homes that may otherwise be struggling to sell, perhaps due to buyer affordability issues.
  • There is no contract between Your Home and Estate Agents – just let us know when you need our help.
  • We offer a referral fee for every completion.
  • Our team will support you throughout the journey.
  • Your Home are cash buyers maximising efficiency of the onward sales progression process.


Win more instructions


Buyers can target higher valued properties 


All buyers become cash purchasers


Wider audience reach for all instructions


Increase the speed of sale


Properties are sold at full market value


Re-engage longer running property ads


Visually effective and appealing marketing routes


Increase enquires and site visits with lower selling point

Benefits of Your Home to your customers

  • We provide more choice and by purchasing a share instead of the entire home outright, their budget will be able to go further to buy more property for their money.
  • Customers can purchase a share of the property and pay rent on the share they don’t own, which can make it more affordable than buying a home via a mortgage.
  • Once they’ve purchased their initial share, they are free to purchase more shares of their home and staircase out or sell at any time should their circumstances change.
  • If they decide to sell and the valuation is more than their original purchase price, we give them 50% of our profits alongside their own profits on their share.
Woman with keys moving in to her home with Your home

We have extensive experience in helping a variety of customers to find a home they love.  These include:

  • Customers who do not want a mortgage.
  • Customers who prefer Your Home, perhaps due to their life-stage (for example, divorcees or older people).
  • Customers who may be priced out of buying in their local area.
  • Customers who need their budget to go further.